Media Bay 2.0

Hi Cubase Family

Here are some ideas for a new Media Bay:

  • New Layout Design. Maybe something like Splice/Bitwig
  • update the GUI to match the look & feel of Cubase 13/14
  • auto key detection for long & short Samples.
  • Sound similarity search like Ableton Live 12
    Should also be integrated in Sampletrack, Grove Agent, Halion….
  • Drag & Drop Midi and Audio Clips (with channelstrip settings) into the Media Bay 2.0 to save it for later.
  • Better integration with Sampletrack & Groove Agent. Remember search history when trying out Samples. Never lose the possibility to go back to the firs sample. This is perfect for comparing One Shots.
  • Folder Management with a good tagging system

I really love the idea of being able to keep the midi recordings in Media Bay, just like audio tracks.
I have wondered why this wasn’t a thing since CB Ver 4 when I first started using it.
I hope this one floats to the top of the list. It shouldn’t be that hard to implement.

Saving Midi loops in the Media Bay is possible by exporting the midiloop. But its still to clunky. It would be much easier to grab the clip and drag it in the preferred folder.

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Yes I know you can export the midi loop. But how much easier it would be if it was in the Media Bay.
If you had to export each audio take in the same way how tedious would that be?

I would recommend they spend time to get the current Mediabay functional.
I would love for additional features to added, but I would rather be able to access a preset or one shot in less the 60+ seconds every I open the mediabay or a plugin preset window.

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They have a lot of work to do. For the moment the whole media bay is outdated and clunky to use.

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I’ve run into it hanging and corrupting samples too. Posted a crash report a couple weeks ago but no feedback on it yet other than its been submitted.

Seems to not like you entering in too much data/tags and I keep running into it locking up and crashing Cubase altogether. Afterwards, I go into my sample folders and find out some of those files it was hanging on got corrupted and turned into 4.29GB files, have to recover them all with Time Machine…