Media Bay Aspects, Volumes and Folders

I cannot figure out how to have different Media Bay aspects pointing to different folder and volume combinations, which seems a very straightforward thing to me.
For client work I want to use certain folders with samples only licensed for this paticular work. Then for other productions I need other folder combinations to use in Media Bay and so on.
So far I can see the user can only have one volume and folder combination and the Media Bay aspects are just showing the same locations with different access. While this is helpful, I think the Media Bay aspects should include different volume and folder combinations.
Did I have I overlooked something fundamental here, or is this important feature simply not implemented?

Now I tried to place all relevant SFX folders for one work area as aliases into one folder, and a different combination of SFX folder aliases into another, just to learn that Media Bay cannot scan folders with aliases. Another barrier …
The idea was just to switch between two or three folders, instead of selecting many again and again.
No answers whatsoever and I don’t know how to interpret this. Am I the only one who wants to use the Media Bay in this flexible manner? Did I overlook a crucial obvious thing or setting?
What’s up with all the Media Bay aspects, if these don’t carry info about different folder/drive combinations?

All Steinberg would have to do is implementing multiple sets of Favourites in Media Bay.