Media Bay big problem!

I use Cubase 13 Pro on the Windows 10 operating system and when I download for example Oriental Loops via Steinberg Download Assistant, I cannot see those loops in Media Bay, then I have to look for where that vst set downloaded file is and copy it to various locations in Program Data and if I manage to see that content in the media bay, each loop in front of it does not have the standard icon for the wave format instead has a circle with a dash in it. I don’t know what the problem is and I sincerely hope that you will contact me with a solution to my problem, which is extremely frustrating for me.


Welcome @Milos_Vukelic

Actually, there is no “Oriental Loops” content/library available as a free download, when using Cubase 13 Pro. The content sets that you can freely download and install are seeable in the My products > Cubase 13 Pro category, on the left of the SDA window :

Any other content for which you don’t have a licence will indeed appears as a a red circle with a dash in it, afaik : it means that a purchase is needed to use it.

Beside this, I haven’t seen any “Oriental Loops” library in the Steinberg content catalog either, but there is an "Oriental Percussion* one, though, which needs a separate licence.