Media Bay cannot find any audio files

I just recently purchased Cubase Pro 10 and have been struggling to get all of the audio files working properly. I struggled to get the Halion and GA SE files imported into Cubase, but finally was able to get them (I believe I had to change the file location somehow). I just downloaded Kontakt Player, and now Media Bay cannot even find the .dll files. I found where the files are located, but in Media Bay when I navigate to that folder, nothing is showing up. I tried rescanning and still nothing is showing up.


MediaBay shouldn’t see the DLL files. What is your goal?

DLL files are the VST2 plug-in files. MediaBay shows a media files (like WAV, MP3, video, projects, presets…).

I want to use Kontakt through Cubase. Media Bay is having trouble viewing a number of files


If you want to use Kontakt, MediaBay will not be most probably involved in the use case. I can’t see any connection between MediaBay and Kontakt here.

Do you know how I can get Kontakt to work in Cubase then? I figured it would be through Media Bay :confused:


Just Add an Instrument track and select Contact from the list.

That’s my problem, it is not showing up in the instrument track list, which is why I thought I would have to find it using Media Bay. Sorry I am new at this.


Isn’t it blacklisted? Some check the Plug-in Manager, please.