Media Bay. Can't find the Re-scan button

Shows you how much I use Media Bay! :smiley:

Page 555 of the user manual even shows a picture of the “add” and “rescan” buttons. But now when I open Media Bay the only 2 buttons under Define Locations are “add” and “remove.” What happened to rescan?


Bottom left in mediabay screen, the three rectangles button… Click it and add a tick to: Locations
The rightclick the folder and “rescan disk” or quick rescan"…


Thanks. I had Locations checked, but last night when right-clicking on a folder to re-scan, something was messed up as it would not scan any sub folders. I had to manually right click on all the sub folders.

Today, without changing anything, it’s working properly. I’ll remember that they have removed the re-scan button.