Media Bay - can't see .vstsound folders or files

Hi: I just upgraded from Cubase Pro 10 to 11. I can’t see the new (or any) sample folders or files in the media bay (.jpg attached). I’ve unhidden the the folder and files in Windows and can see them there. I’ve rescanned in the Media Bay. I don’t think I have any filters on. Any assistance would be welcome. I’m probably missing something dumb, but I see a lot a people have had variations of this same problem. Thanks. Matthew

It appears that you are looking in the wrong place. What you are looking at in Media Bay is a OS Folder named “VST Sound” where you have the .vstsound files stored. This is not where you access that content in Cubase. I think if you look a bit below where your screenshot cuts off at the bottom you will see another item also named “VST Sound” which is where you will find the content. It will have an Icon that is round and does not look like a Folder. The section I’ve marked in red shows the Folders where my .vstsound files are stored and probably corresponds to the Folder you’ve named “VST Sound”

Thanks so much. I knew I was doing something dumb.