Media Bay corrupting WAV files?

Hey folks,

This weekend was trying to finish up setting up Media Bay and kept running into it locking up Cubase (spinning beach ball) and actually corrupting some of my WAV files. All I am trying to do is fill out the tags like the instrument type and the genre…

I cant tell if its because I’ve had Media Bay open for too long or if Im choosing too big of a chunk of files that’s causing it to choke? I’ve had it work when I grab 10-20 files at a time and set the properties, but then at some point I get the lockups and have to force quit Cubase. It will do it pretty quickly if I try to grab like 100 files at once and do it.

After force quitting and restarting, Media Bay chokes on the same folders and I noticed in the folder, some of the wav files are now over 4GB??? It turned a bunch of 500K drum loops into 4GB corrupted files? Spent A LOT of time this weekend unarchiving and ‘fixing’ some of my sample library, and I had to pay careful attention to where it stopped to find the bad files among my library of 10s of thousands of samples heh.

Is this a normal thing for Media Bay or am I doing something wrong or? Anybody else running into this issue?