Media Bay Does Not Save Search Preferences

In Cubase 8.010, media bay search preferences are lost upon exiting the program. For example, I would like Media Bay to always display the metadata for “duration,” but data columns always return to defaults upon closing and opening the program.

Moreover, Media Bay does not save Defined Search Locations - same behavior. Create the location, save the project, close and re-open the program and saved locations are gone.

Running Cubase 8.0.10 on Mac OS 10.10.3

So, as an update, it seems that the search locations and preferences DO persist after closing and re-opening a session…yet after some period of usage they disappear.

I’m guessing it probably happens after a crash.

Does NO ONE use this feature? I’ve had almost zero response on this topic.

I’m seeing the same problems in 8.0.20.
I can’t get the data column choices/width to persist at all - even after saving, closing and immediately reopening a project.

Should the Media Bay settings also be seen in new projects?

After further investigation, I’ve found this:

  1. Media Bay in the Rack - data column choices/width do not persist after reloading Cubase Pro 8.0.20.
  2. The older Media Bay (F5) - data column choices/width do persist after reloading Cubase Pro 8.0.20.