Media bay - dragging selections of audio sucks

Hi everyone,

Anyone else frustrated and has anyone found a better way to do this?

Dragging an audio selection from the media bay to an audio track is very frustrating to me. It takes several mouse clicks to make the selection / cycle you want to drag, and it needs several mouse clicks to stop the preview playback until you can finally drop a selection as a region to the arrangement.

Also the media bay doen’t remember if the playback level was altered. When I close the bay and reopen it, the playback level is reset to unity gain.

Thankfull for any help or sugestions,


I have a shortcut key for “insert into project at cursor” when the cursor is selected or it will insert into project at start of range if the range tool is selected. My volume doesn’t reset though, it is linked to the pool preview volume so if you load a new template it will reset to the pool volume of the new project, or if I adjust the volume slider in the pool it will change the media bay volume but otherwise stays where I set it after close and reopen.

Hope this helps a little.