Media Bay Extremely Low Volume

I haven’t fired up Cubase in a while but i’m using a Scarlett 18i6 sound card. All of my loops and samples in mediabay are about 1/10th as loud as everything else in my projects and I can’t figure out why. I’m wondering if I need to adjust the way that I’ve setup the vst connections. I apologize is this is a newb question and appreciate any help! Thanks, Tim

ps. i’ve attached screenshots in case these help at all.

I’m just bumping this up as now I have zero sound at all in medibay. I can see the audio in the control room mixer active when i play a loop but don’t hear anything. volume is up in the pool window, vst connection / media bay seem great. Am I missing something simple here? Help! Thanks! Tim

Why are the Control room outs and the Main out connected?
Basically Control room Monitor out takes over the main output from VST connections.
With control room enabled, the preview by default goes to monitor 1 out, which seems to be the headphones in your setup…!?
Disconnect the main out routing, connetc the "monitor 1 in control room to your speakers, and create a phones channel in control room for your phones.
If that still doesn´t work, check the preferences there´s a point to “preview via phones channel”.
And if that still isn´t it - ther is a preview volume slider in the media bay.