Media bay favorites aren't being saved

Hello everyone,

I click on a library path in Media Bay, and select Add Favorite. The folder is being added in the dropdown here:

I exit the project and when I open a project again, the favorite doesn’t show up anymore.
Am I doing something wrong or is this a bug?

Thanks in advance


Which folder exactly do you try to move to the Favorites, please? Is it a system folder, or is any Steinberg sound library?


No it’s a regular folder, it resides in this path:
F:\Samples\Thomas Penton bla bla bla

Maybe because it’s on an external drive? It’s a drive that’s connected before and every time I launch Cubase

Thanks in advance


Could you try with any folder on the internal drive? How is the drive formatted, please?

Hey I just tried it with a folder in my internal OS drive, still when I reopen the project, the favorite isn’t there anymore. Really strange, any idea?

If not it’s not a big deal and thanks for your help!


Could you please describe your use case step by step?

Hey I figured it out, thanks to you telling my to write the use case step by step.

It’s because in a medium to large project, Cubase always doesn’t respond when I quit it, I even waited 10 minutes and still didn’t respond so since then I don’t wait more than 15 seconds. So because I closed it with the task manager, it probably didn’t save the favorite.

When I opened a very small project and added the favorite, closed Cubase and reopened, it was there(:

Thanks for your help!

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