Media bay+file browser issues

I have many loops on my discs that start with a number in the title. Neither media bay nor file browser can see these loops, do you know what the problem is ?

Thank you!

edit: in cubase 9.5 these loops are normally visible

That’s weird. Are you on Mac or Windows? I think everybody has lots of loops that begin with numbers,so you shouldn’t really be having a problem because of that.
If you can’t see them in file browser are you certain they are installed? Are you using the Media Bay in the right zone or the full Media Bay (F5). Try the full one if you haven’t.

I am on Windows, I’ve tried both options. If I want to import these loops (file-import audio), they are normally visible, wav, 44.1.kHz

edit: I have latest Cubase 11.

I don’t know too much else to try other than re-installing Cubase and see if that fixes the issue.

Hi @SF_Green, what exactly does reinstalling Cubase do? It doesn’t initialize the program, that’s done by removing the User Settings Data folder, so I’m interested in what you would accomplish when you reinstall the program.

(the only reason I’ve ever needed to do that was due to an actual missing *.dll file or other component.)

Yes, reinstalling is perhaps the last chance. Reaper, Studio One, Cakewalk, Ableton - they recognize all my loops.

Here is one of the loops, can you somebody check it, please ? Thank you!

The first thing to do when troubleshooting Cubase is start up in Cubase Safe Mode.

Reinstalling Cubase will do nothing unless something actually went wrong during the installation, of course it won’t hurt anything, you will simply have wasted that time.

Please make certain you understand how this works, the info is on the Steinberg website.

Thank You very much, are You on Windows ?

Yes. Win 10 Pro x64 1909
Cubase Pro 11.0.20

I tried safe mode, disabling preferences, disabling all plugins, reinstalling Cubase - no change.

Sorry. I don’t know what else to try. Hopefully someone else who knows more will chime in to help soon.

The next step is to fully reset Cubase to factory settings.

As I said, reinstalling does nothing whatsoever in regard to reinitializing settings.

Rename all the the Steinberg User Settings Data folders and try again:

These folders are in the following directory and have names that reflect the program and version they belong to.


Paste the above file path into the address field of a Windows Explorer window or into the Windows Run Dialog.

Thank you very much, Steve! Looks like Media bay is recognizing all my files now. I suppose I can now copy some settings from the renamed to the newly created folders …


Yes, exactly!

Thank You, You are the best!

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