Media Bay file issue

So, I have this project I created in Cubase 11 and I am able to open it in both 11 and 12. This issue I’m having is that two sounds I used from the Loop Browser in Media Bay are not longer in the pool. This is in both versions of Cubase. However, when I audition the sounds in Loop Browser, they play just fine. But, when I drag and drop them into the project in an attempt to replace them, the events are blank and empty. If I double-click it to add a new track with the sound, it adds the track and an empty event. The sounds are obviously still somewhere in Cubase because they audition normally but they cannot be added to my project in either version of Cubase. How do I resolve this?

Cubase Pro 11 and 12
Windows 10

Try Dragging it into the Pool first.

That worked. Created a new file there but I can then drag it back out of the pool. Thanks for the help

You can drag it from the Pool to an Audio or Sampler Track but you’d want to keep it in the Pool which is where you’d want to have all the Media your Project is using.