Media Bay focus search


I have 4 search filters ready at all time in my media bay for soundtracks :
name, comment, BWF description / Contains
channels / match
sample rate / match
name, comment, BWF description / omits

But when I find a sound that I like sometime I would like to search only in the folder where it is located. To do that I can 'reveal in explorer… read where it is located, come back to nuendo and navigate in the left panel file browser to that position. (Time consuming)

I can also right clic on the sound and “search for…” / Path ; but when I do that for some reason nothing show up in the result list. Also the path that is copied in the filter include the sound file itself which is not useful at all because you have to manually delete the file name to get the containing folder (but again it’s not working anyway) Also² right clic on a file in mediabay displays a "Search for [Name] what is the use of that as you already have that file ?

Why isn’t it possible to right clic and have something like : “File Browser selection follow sample selection”
maybe I missed it somewhere or a macro for that ?