Media Bay Glitch / White Noise

Hello there mates,

I reciently bought Cubase, I had installed 6.5, 7.5 & 8.5 versions. No problem at all, each one in different folders and have not problem with this at all. My problem is when I try to navigate in my loops with Media Bay/Loop Browser in my Loops folder located in an External HD; once I open Media Bay/Loop Browser and I navigate to “preview” then normally the .wav samples (Loops) start glitching and I recieve some kind of “white noise” from them (They’re not white noise fx samples at all), and of course, this has been happened to me since I installed only 1 version of Cubase (8.5).

I went ahead with this problem and used another methods for importing Loops but withouth having an side-to-side in listening the Loops and the Project. But come on, I need it right now actually, so want to know if any out there have the same issue and how could I to get rid of this problem?

As I mentioned, not all loops have this issue, just some few, the more I navigate, the more Loops give me this problem, and doesn’t mention if I had “Align Beats To Project” ON, cause then almost any Loops become so glitchy, out of tempo, or just White Noise.

Hope somebody can help me.
Just to make sure, I don’t have this problem in others DAW, just in ANY version of Cubase.

SO: Windows 10
Interface: Native Instruments Komplete 6