Media Bay Grouping searched items?

hi All , is there a way to create groups of found searches .

so you find a cool Boom sound , you can then add it to your Boom folder or what ever ?

I found how you could add sub categories etc, I just wanna simply select found items in at them to one of my groups ?

Why don’t you use custom tags? You can make any tags you want.

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Custom tag, sounds exactly what I’m after, I’ve never heard of them are Google and see if I can find it

Yeah yesterday i just refer to the problem that its not well presented so lot of users are unaware of its full possibilities: How do I represent minor keys in the mediabay "KEY" column - #8 by Grada

Those are my custom tags, I rarely use search since I tagged all of my samples its tedious but well worth.

Good luck

this look perfect , how have you add custom tags ?

yuo also seem to have added a page break , which would be handy , I just can’t workout how to add categories …

This is not page break this is slider,
Take a look into manual also try on to minimal scale with samples there are lot of stuff going on. The thing is I cannot help you since Idk what will work for you in terms of tags and overall structure of the samples, I just give you my example how i organize them.

But here is how to add your custom tag.

And when you add it than just:

Write your tags(adawdawdawd… in my ex) into various attributes you just made (other drums perc in my ex) and they will appear into your custom attribute list.

Also Greg Ondo cover media bay to some extend in his live videos that you have on Cubase youtube channel. Check those as well.


OK great , I now have custom attributes , I not sure how you added sliders ? I can only seem to get 6 attributes across the top I can swap them out, but I can’t add

this is helpful - Make better use of user Media Bay Categories - Custom Categories, here is how

I guess the slider could appear when I have content that has lots of categories .

But I can still only see six columns, I can’t add to the attributes at the top , I can click on the corner and change what they are, but not add a new one

Seems like in MediaBay you get “only” six categories, while in the Loop Browser (next item in the Media menu) you get seven. Only Steinberg knows why. Basically these windows do the same thing but start on different viewing presets.

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Ok :white_check_mark:. So I’m not going mad thx

Grab the edge of the column and resize them. Some can be quite small, leaving room for more.

Does that actually work on your installation? On mine it surely does not.

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I also cannot resize the columns,

But I’ve just spotted there are 3 types of media bay !

Media bay . Loop browser and sound browser.

I think I’m gonna do some research I have no idea and they all look very similar but one does have seven in the column and the others have six

Hahaha, good luck. Loop and Sound Browser are not even mentioned in the manual.
Think of it this way: You have 4 MixConsole windows, and you have 3 MediaBay windows. :smile: But one of them has seven columns for attributes, the other two only six. Repeating myself: Only Steinberg (hello @Joerg ) knows why.

Sorry - I looked too quickly. The zone beneath you can resize the columns. You are all correct: the top zone columns can’t be resized.

In Cubase MediaBay, LoopBrowser and SoundBrowser are three specialized configurations of the same implemention. They were define years ago by our planners. Each tweaked to serve a certain use case. Other in Nuendo: Beside the one MediaBay window, there are so called “Aspects” the user can add himself. E.g. I usually configure a “ProjectBrowser” in my Nuendo, having set the MediaTypeFilter to projects and the BrowseLocation to my recording folder. There is even a special config option that lets you configure the number of columns in the Attribute search, when you hold ALT after confirming the name for the Aspect.


Interesting is that limited to nuendo only?
Personally I am using loop browser just for that extra column, that other 2(mb & soundbrw)doesn’t have. Will be nice if those things stay that way.

The “Aspects” and its “Number of Columns” dialog, yes, that is limited to Nuendo. But talking about editing defaults.xml, they contain the current configuration, so it can be altered. For the categories, see item “FilterDefaults” in the related section, here for the MediaBay window (you might need to search for LoopBrowser").

         <string name="Group" value="mediaBrowserMediaBay_MediaBay"/>
               <obj class="FilterDefaults" name="filterDefaults" ID="808918032">
                  <list name="categories" type="obj">
                     <obj class="CmString" ID="816161888">
                        <string name="s" value="MusicalCategory"/>
                     <obj class="CmString" ID="816164320">
                        <string name="s" value="MusicalInstrument"/>
                     <obj class="CmString" ID="816161952">
                        <string name="s" value="MusicalStyle"/>
                     <obj class="CmString" ID="816164576">
                        <string name="s" value="MusicalSubStyle"/>
                     <obj class="CmString" ID="816164640">
                        <string name="s" value="MusicalCharacter"/>
                     <obj class="CmString" ID="816163552">
                        <string name="s" value="MusicalRootKey"/>
                  <int name="Flags" value="4"/>

you could simply add other “obj” entries, or remove some, just make sure none of the values of ID will appear twice in the whole defaults.xml.