Media bay has long scan time after Cubase crashing

I had to force quit Cubase 8.5 and the next time I opened it and the media bay It says “Scanning” for a very long time until it is done scanning everything again. I am unable to grab anything from the media bay while this scan is taking place as there is a giant “Scanning” written where I usually have access to my sounds.

This did not use to happen in 8 or any prior version I have had.

Please let me know if anyone is having this issue.




macbook pro restart seems to help for me

And in general :
I DO NOT understand WHY the Mediabay is scanning all the time ! Man !
Is it so difficult just to display the presets (or the Wavs) INSTANTLY ??
(all my drives are SSD, and I have to wait tens of seconds to reach my sounds !)

Recent browser (in Ableton, Maschine, Bitwig, FL Studio) are LIGHTNIN FAST for
displaying, sorting, searching, and previewing/playing sounds !

Slow browsers a real “love killer” in modern music production !

it is a shame,
because Mediabay would really be the best tool I’ve ever seen for
organising soundbanks …

but it is wayyyyyy to slow
… unsuable for me as it is right now !