Media Bay - How to Create my Presets/Bookmark Sounds/Preview Kontakt sounds?

Hi guys,

I am very new to Media Bay. I am working with templates most of the time to draw in and load instruments I have bookmarked, but I was wondering if there is a quicker way to go through synth sounds and through my Kontakt/Play libraries?

I had a look on tutorials for Media Bay, but it all focuses on samples. Pre-played drums, basses, either audio or MIDI, how to find , drag & drop, how to preview, etc.

All this is fine and great, but none of this is really useful to me because I don’t use any samples. But I use a lot of virtual orchestral sounds, either though Play or Kontact, and a lot of synth sounds, drums, either through Kontakt, and also Pad Shop etc,.

I realized that via Media Bay it is relatively easy to go through sounds that are made by Steinberg, as Media May can see these libraries and show their sounds.

But, I cannot seem to find my way around Media Bay and preview sounds that are to be loaded with Kontakt Player or Play (East West).

I would also love to create my own preset instruments and just Drag & Drop.

And lastly, with any sounds I like, is there a way to bookmark them so that I can easily find them when I need them?

Perhaps there are very easy steps to get these results, but I am not sure if I am missing something here with Media Bay,

Many thanks!

So, I have looked into it very closely and it seems to me that Media Bay is amazing for Loops/Pre-played MIDI parts etc.

For composers?

Not so much.

It’s great to go through the libraries quickly, but, the playback is too slow and with an 18 Core/36 Thread PC, there is no excuse for this.


All Cubase Synths (Halion etc) can be accessed the exact same way.

One can just open say a Halion instrument and the browsing for sounds is exactly the same as the Media Bay, and there is no playback delay, at all.

In addition, if I like a sound, I can click and drop and it will create another instrument, just like Media Bay.

Disappointing to not be able to browse Kontakt Instruments through Media Bay though.

I am working with Templates as I have to , like many other fellow musicians, go through thousands of sounds, and this process seems to be working well,