Media Bay in C9.01

Well, the spinning icon in MediaBay (causing mediabay to be unuseable for the first 5 minutes every time you start Cubase) is still not fixed. Unbelievable Steinberg. This is unacceptable. Thanks for all the other features but please FIX ISSUES, FIX BUGS, and STOP BREAKING THINGS that worked before.
The last version of Cubase that worked in this regard is 8.040 which I now have to go back to if I dont want to deal with this annoying annoying behavior.

+1 on this issue i have a large library and have to go and make tea while i wait for medially to load. Why can’t it just load my stuff then scan in the background for the other stuff.

It’s very bad “design” but not a issue like steinberg guy say it’s “made by design”…

I’m sorry…explain how this is a ‘design’? Cubase 8.040, which I use every day does not do this. What is the new ‘design’?

I believe he is referring to a post in the C8 forum with many users wanting to know WHY the change…ie. re-scan when you open Cubase in C8.5. Finally a moderator wrote “by design” but never said anything else. :blush:

I asked another moderator, and he couldn’t understand the logic either.

What bothers me the most is not the re-scan, or the time the re-scan takes, but IMO a horrible side effect that if you uncheck any boxes in the User Content, the next time you start Cubase the box will be checked again! :imp:

Try it for yourself. This mucks up user preset organization and slows down my workflow.

The only suggestion I heard as to why this happens is users are not smart enough to remember to check boxes…so now Cubase is going to check them for you…no matter what.

Is there any way to get to the bottom of why this is happening? I am astounded that this hasn’t been addressed. No one in their right mind would think its ok to open your DAW and then have to wait 5-10 minutes for Mediabay to re-scan all your files before you can use it. And to add insult to injury, In the middle of a song and get a crash? Obviously another 5-10 minute waiting game until one can work again…seriously?

Hi there, nothing really changes does it…

my post in Cubase 8 forums:

This is me cynical but maybe there are people on the design/technical team that are:
1: Simply arrogant and think they know better than the people who use the product daily (“by design”…oh come on!!! please)
2: Don’t know how to solve the issue perhaps due to the code being written by employees who might have left Steinberg long ago.
3:They do not think that it is a problem waiting sometimes minutes for MediaBay to populate as well as Users not being able to uncheck user content locations.

My personal support emails did no good with the same final answer ‘this is by design’

Conclusion: Steinberg are very, very proud of the way Mediabay currently works enough that the functionality remains unchanged and is carried over into V9. What a missed opportunity.

Won’t be upgrading. This because of the mediabay issue as well as past proof of how long it takes to fix massive broken feature bugs (don’t need to list here).

Double post

AND DAM IT! Why do genuinely useful features come along that make upgrading enticing despite the shortcomings. The very nature of marketing I suppose.

Talking here about exporting of cycle markers in C9. Extremely useful, how I wish other things could be addressed.

can just imagine the meeting:

“O.K guys we can hold this Cycle marker export feature off for V9 as it is a paid update”
“yeah and mix undo as well”
“what about Mediabay startup scanning and USER location re-checks design?”
“yeah, great feature we will keep that in V9 as everyone is used to it by now”
Collective Sigh “all those user keep sayings it’s a BUG, how annoying they are”


Hi i just fixed mine, i hope this helps:

  1. Moved all presets to Desktop…to see if it works normally then. Cubase didnt give me the Spinning Wheel.

2.One by one, i added folders back to VST3 folder in Windows/User/Yourname/Documents, to see what the problem was.

3.After a while, i discovered an older Steinberg folder, and IN that folder i had another complete collection of presets. I had almost everything double, and it was all hidden in this one folder!

4.So i copied everything over each other, skipping everythig i already had. There were some new folders in the ‘root’ VST3 folder in Documents now.

5.Deleted the Steinberg folder.

Now, at least for me, everything works. I hope this helps.
Mind you, i have a LOT of presets (way over 10.000) so it always takes a little time to start up. (like 30 seconds or so, to start using Mediabay). Normally i dont even mind 30 sec because im doing something else in the meantime anyway.
I understand this is a bug, its like Mediabay cant write attributes or Cubase doesnt write some kind of config after closing, i dont know. But it works for me now. Until it doesnt :wink: