Media Bay Is Now Super Slow

Not sure what happened. No changes in my system, etc. but now Media Bay is just not efficient. It used to be great and could produce results within seconds (and I probably have millions of files.) But now, it’s like it doesn’t remember any data. Even in small folders (under a 100 sounds) it seems to take minutes to produce results. Then if I go back to a folder I just scanned, it has to rescan the results again. I checked the basic settings but no changes seem to make it efficient.

I also noticed that the Presets in the Cubase (instruments/effects) plugins didn’t show up on a project last week. But I rebooted and they were back.

Something seems corrupt so if anyone knows how to reset the database, or has other ideas - thanks in advance for your kindness and time.

Can be found in your preferences folder.

This knowledge base article tells where the preferences folder is and the details of what each file does:

To “reset” simply delete the file you want (probably one of the MediaBay related files).
However, do this only without Cubase running.

Thanks so much! That did the trick! Big help!!! :slight_smile: