Media Bay Issue

I had this problem on Cubase 8 and now on Cubase 9 which makes it unusable at all and I am forced to use the import audio option instead of the Media Bay which I really like to be able to use.

I scan folders in Local Disks and after the scanning when I go to a folder with audio samples nothing shows in the search results. I re-scan the folders and while scanning the files are all shown but after the scanning is done there is no samples yet again. I even cleaned the folders of all non wav files like aiff, reason files, etc.

Where lies the problem? How can I effectively use the Media Bay>

are you sure the filters in the mediabay do not filter out the wavs ?
looks like this is not an issue but you are overlooking something obvious in the mediabay itself
when you get stuck like this it’s a good idea to start reading the manual

kind regards,

There is no problem with the filters. I also re-read the manual in regards to the media bay with no avail.

Screen Shot 2017-02-05 at 3.02.21 PM.png