Media bay loops don't match

Hi, i don’t know whether anyone here had experienced this, but when i preview loops in the Media bay window, they sound different after importing them into Cubase project and i mean a lot different. so i listen to a loop while playing the song and when i right click to add to project, it’s as if it is somehow linked to another file and sound totally different, so i tried to import the file through the Import option under “file” and again, it sounds right when previewing but different when inside the project. this is really weird, has anyone experienced this before? and more importantly, does anyone know what tha hell i’m talking about and how to fix this? any help would be highly appreciated:-)
Thanks in advance

Define different. :confused: Could be a samplerate or tempo issue, depending.

Hi, thanks for the reply.
Different means the loop in the preview may be “Kick” “Kick” “Kick” and after importing it, it would be “Kick” “Snare” “Kick”. even the files that are classified as the same tempo as my project do that. if it was a tempo issue, the files would still sound the same only faster or slower wouldn’t they? but i’m using Acid loops which match to the project tempo. is there anything i need to configure within Cubase 5 when importing files?
Thanks again:-)

Typed a long reply and when I hit reply the site went down the other day. :imp:

Look to Prefs to reset the Import Dialog Box and Musical Mode to conform tempo.

Not sure i understand what you mean, how do i accomplish that? i don’t think it’s a tempo issue, it’s the notes within the file that get scribbled :smiley:

Only way I can see that happening is with MIDI files being played with different VSTi’s with different maps. You say these are audio files?

Yep, they are wav files

Are the loops the same samp rate/ bit depth as project? Is the correct original tempo listed in the pool?

well, the question is, if they’re not, is it possible to manipulate the wav files to match them with the project? the original wav file might be 90bpm and the project is 110bpm, if this is the case, how do i match them[if possible at all]?

You match the tempo by first making sure the correct starting tempo is listed in the Pool and then putting the track in Musical Mode.

Ok, i’ll try that…thanks a million for your help:-)