Media Bay/Media Browser Empty

I setup a flow, assigned instruments, and opened Halion Sonic SE2 by clicking the “e” under VST instruments in the right sidebar of Play Mode. Some of the instruments just play a piano sound even though I have “Hand Drum” or “Flexitone” assigned. In Halion, indeed, piano is listed in the Program Rack.

Question: Why aren’t the sounds for Flexitone and Hand Drum assigned when the instrument is assigned? Are those sounds just not part of SE2 and the instrument sound defaults to piano? If so, it would be helpful to have a some distinguishing mark in Dorico’s assigned instrument list such as, maybe, an asterisk, or a dimmed instrument name, or italicized instrument name…something to let the user know they are not going to get the expected sound.

But to my big issue…

My Media Browser is empty when I click on the dropdown arrow in Halion’s instrument list. (see pic)

No matter which dropdown I click, the Media Browser is empty.

Question: Should I have sounds available in the browser and if so, how do I get them to appear?

P.S. I realize a couple of issue’s are addressed here, though I think they may be related. If a moderator or veteran suggests I should create a separate thread for the first issue, I’d be happy to do that.

Unpitched percussion has not been (fully) implemented yet. Next update.

Media browser is empty because you need to delete a preference file and restart Dorico. Search the forum or look at the release notes. I had the same problem, but it’s an easy fix.

I searched for the closest thing I could find to “release notes” and found Version History on the Dorico update download page. I searched the forum for “preference” and “delete.” Sorry for my denseness, but neither turned up anything about specific preference files to delete to solve the empty Media Browser issue. However, after deleting most of the Dorico preferences I could find in my file system, I got some greyed-out, unselectable lists in the Halion Media Browser. The list disappeared again from the Media Browser if I clicked the back button on the filter, and I was unable to get the list back until I restarted Dorico. I’ve attached images that show the files I deleted before restart (The selected ones are those I deleted.), and an image of the greyed-out list.

Did you try this from the FAQ?

That did it! Thanks! Basic troubleshooting failure: I checked the documentation and version history but not the FAQ. However,I suggest that the text in the thread “Mediabay” be edited to “Media Bay” for better search results, unless “Mediabay” is the official name of the component.

I’m glad you found it. Sorry I misled you a bit (Revision Notes instead of FAQ). I couldn’t remember exactly where I’d found it before.

I think MediaBay is correct: