media bay + midi items

when i try to preview a midi iten in the media bay from my directories, it doesnt trigger the selected synth in the project? how do i get cubase 7 to do this please?

Love cubase & btw

beat thang virtual- nexus- cubase 7- reaper- massive- razor- z3ta2

Good question, would like to know this also. :smiley:


Activate your Control Room, in the VST Connections > Studio tab, and set Monitor 1, as your Main output (I mean, set output of this Monitor 1 bus in to your main physical outputs – for example Output 1&2). This output is used as preview output for Loop Browser, Media Bay, Import audio window preview, etc.

Deactivate your main output from the Output tab. Set the Stereo Out to the Not Connected.

would i have to go back and set my main outs to hear in the project after that? WOW

No, all your outputs are going through this Monitor 1 output. This output is used for preview of all windows (Loop Browser, Mediay Bay, Audio Import…, same as the main output of your tracks.

Just leave this, as your main output forever.

cool, looking forward to trying later thanks!