media bay ... no drives


i try to set up the media bay (that i almost never use)
but i see only C: drive and not the others.
i clic on “ADD” and the window poping up asks to “set location name”
what ever i put, nothing happen. i expected a browse location type of window …
(… now i remember why i was not using this media bay much :laughing:)
any help ?

Right Click on “all media” then “Refresh View” should show you your drives.
(The ADD button is a different thing…)

thx for your answer,

So i right clicked on the column “select location” and i see a “refresh view”. but nothing happen.
the column in empty.

The other drives/folders need to be shared.
Please consult the manual.


thx i found it.
the “show managed location only” was activated in the pref of mediabay :slight_smile: