Media Bay - no folders displayed, scanning inactive

Hi everyone,

I’m a happy owner of Cubase 7.5 :smiley:
However I’ve got a problem with Media Bay.
As mentioned in the topic, I cant see no folders in media bay,
I also cannot re-scan my mac as the scan button isn’t active (as seen on attached picture).

I have no idea how to fix it, will be grateful for your help.


No ideas???

The lower leftmost button will let you choose window elements.

Thx for reply, but I do know about choose window elements button. It is not a solution.
I still cannot find no folders from my hdd, can’t make the scanning run, sound filters do not
find anything at all. Any other ideas?

Try this:

MediaBay Preferences => “Show Managed Locations Only”

It didnt help I’m afraid, please take a look at the picture I’ve attached. There’s still no results no metter what filters are picked and no folders seen in locations section on the left. Re-scan button is not working (greyed out)…

What happens when you rename the prefs folder and you launch Cubase with fresh prefs?

Hi Steve, thx for reply.
Where can I find and rename the prefs folder? (I use cubase on mac)
If you meant changing “Presets name” in Preferences => MediaBay I tried that
and it didnt help.

Good PPL, Cubase experts, please HELP :wink:

Hi nwdk,

as SteveInChicago suggested, you should try to reset Cubase’s preferences, which you can find here:
/Users//Library/Preferences/Cubase 7.5

Note that to access the User’s Library you have to close Cubase (and all other applications if possible) and then click on the “Go” menu in the top menu bar. When the “Go” drop down menu appears, you need to press and hold the key “alt” on your keyboard which adds the “Library” entry to the menu.

It should be enough if you remove from that folder the following files:

  • mediabay3.db
  • MediaDefaults.xml

If the problem is still there, you should try starting Cubase in “Safe Mode” as explained in this article:

Hope this helps


Massive THANKS Luis :smiley:
I finally got it to work!!!

Clearing mentioned preferences files didnt fix it (couldnt find mediaOffline3.db though).
It all started to work properly after starting cubase in safe mode and deleting all preferences.

So happy to have it running.

Thx to all of you guys who tried to help, well appreciated.

BTW I’ve been wondering if there’s an easy way to organize all the plugins to have them categorized nicely?
If you could direct me to some instructions/tutorials, ill be grateful (i’m feeling a bit lost in osx, switched from PC few months ago and still not superfamiliar with this new environment).

THX again