Media Bay not scanning all samples

I have an issue where Media Bay has scanned my dedicated samples hard drive but it is missing a lot of samples. For example, if I search for the word ‘clap’, the Media Bay panel is blank, apparently I don’t have any claps in my library, which isn’t the case.
So then if I navigate to my Thomas Penton folder, where I know there is a folder called ‘claps’ with many files named ‘clap1, clap2’ etc. Search for the word ‘clap’ again, still nothing in the results.

The filter has been set to all files and just audio. I have re scanned the disk 4 times. Removed the library and added it again, checked in preferences that the number of results in Media Bay is set to max value. The total number of samples is wrong, I have way more than it says I have.

Just wondering if anyone else has had this issue or is it just me?

Thanks :slight_smile: