Media Bay not working properly for me

It’s been a couple years since I last organized my VST presets. I like to keep my presets in different folders for each project. For example inside Mono Delay I might have 6 different song projects. When I’m not working on a specific project, and open Mono Delay, I want to see only the FACTORY presets…NOT all the Mono Delay presets for all the specific song projects. What has happened with some VST effects is I have saved many presets applicable to only a certain project. So now when not working on a specific project and just starting out with an idea, I open for example Mono Delay, load presets, and see hundreds of presets applicable to only particular songs. All I want to see are the factory presets.

And this is the problem: I uncheck specific project folders under Mono Delay. Close Cubase. Open Cubase and it automatically re-scans everything which it shouldn’t…and automatically includes all the specific project sub-folders under Mono Delay.

Would anyone please confirm: (Windows 7 64bit Cubase 8.5)

  1. Go to: Computer/C drive/users/user name/my documents/vst3 presets/steinberg media technologies/Mono Delay.

  2. Create some sub-folders inside Mono Delay. Create a new .vstpresets in a sub folder.

  3. In Media bay, UNCHECK that sub-folder. (you might be given the option to keep or delete for data base purposes)

  4. Close Cubase

  5. Open Cubase

  6. As soon as Cubase restarts, go to Media Bay. EVERYTHING in the User Content folder has been re-checked even if you left it un-checked. :astonished:

Once you uncheck something, it should NOT re-check it upon a new scan, but it does. What am I doing wrong?

I have deleted the mediabay3.db, defaults.xml and rebuilt. No change. I have everything checked in Windows Layout except attributes inspector. In Media Bay Settings, the only thing checked is Show File Extensions in Results List. Maximum Items is set to 100,000.

I saw this thread, but not exactly sure if it’s the same problem.


Yes, seems to be same as outlined in the thread I started.

Its a complete joke that Steinberg have said ‘it is by design’

Please send a support ticket asking for it be changed back to pre version 7 behaviour.

I will, but I want to definitely make sure we are on the same page and it’s confirmed by others because if so, this is a new all-time low. Why even have a “media bay.?” And an explanation of “it’s by design” would be nice.

How does anyone separate the factory presets from user created presets that are specifically in a folder for a specific project? I’m addressing the Cubase factory effects such as the Mono Delay used in the example above.

(Lets not even start with a 3rd party VST where you can possibly…but not always batch convert to VST3.)

Does Media Bay even give the user the option to tell it where to store VST presets? If so, how it that done? I ask this because I don’t think this horrible behavior applies to other folders in other drives. Not keeping the boxes unchecked seems to be specific to the C/users folder? If that is the case then maybe I could transfer the entire VST3 presets out of the users folder and into my D Drive, then Media Bay would keep things unchecked as I wish?

I think we are on the same page…

By Design explanation:


Does Media Bay even give the user the option to tell it where to store VST presets?

No, this is to say that the root directory is created by Cubase and is not moveable or changeable (Track presets/custom folder and VST presets/plugin name). Here lies the problem, this and any subfolders are rebuilt/scanned upon each new application launch.