Media Bay okay

I have four little questions about the mediabay -

  1. What exactly happens when one performs the “convert program list to vst presets” inside a vst? What files are created and where do they end up?

  2. I read somewhere that certain things will make the mediabay considerably slower to load and operate. What are those things? (Like maybe having too many tags / categories, too many folders selected in the file browser or whatever it might be?)
    What should one think about to keep the mediabay swift?

  3. Is there any way of converting XML tracks into something usable in the media bay? I have a lot of vst presets saved as XML tracks and wonder if I have to import each and everyone into a project and then resave them as plugin presets / track presets to be able to see / use them in the media bay?

  4. Where are the general preferences and how you have set up everything in the media bay (fav folders, categories, settings etc etc) saved?

Thanks so much