Media Bay organization - subfolders?

I’ve got a large collection of loops, many of which are organized on SSDs in folders. But when looking at them in Media Bay, they lose all that organization, just a long list of file names, which makes them kind of useless for working/searching for loops etc. Barring tagging them all in Media Bay—there are tens of thousands of loops so this would take forever—is there a way to view them as they are organized on the drive?

I’m new to Cubase (using 8.5 pro) so sorry for such a newbie question! Thanks for any and all help!!


Depends which Media Bay do you mean.
If you open Media bay by pressing F5 and enable Define Location section, you will see your folder structure on the left.
Then you can browse by folders.

You can add your folders to Defined Location Browser by selecting the folder and clicking the Add button (top left).
Those locations are then available also from Media bay rack in project window.

Right, but you can’t audition them there can you? In the Media Bay Results panel that way, can you? Have them play in time with the project tempo etc etc?

Yes, you audition them there and it has the option to beat match to project. Works well on my end.