Media Bay - please improve/replace the tagging system


very often I work with media bay, and I’m glad that the media bay exists. But in my opinion, this part of cubase is a bit confusing, laborious and unnecessarily cluttered.

For instance, there are too many attributes (I don’t need most of them), but “only” six result columns… And although there are so many attributes, neverless I have to create my own attributes.

To my mind, Omnisphere is an example of a successful tagging system.

Kind regards

Mr. Tim

If you’re using the full Mediabay window (not the right zone Media Rack), the number of results columns is configurable; click on the settings/gear icon at the top right of the results pane.

In my screenshot, you can see I have 13 results columns configured.

When you mention ‘only six result columns’, perhaps you’re referring to the 6 filter columns, that determine what’s displayed in the results pane? There have been times when 6 feels a bit limiting for me; I could definitely make use of a 7th filter.

Personally, I love Mediabay and it’s extensive configurability; it’s an essential part of my sound design process.

I love Omnisphere, but I’m not a huge fan of the UI. For me, the Omnisphere tagging system is pretty decent but I much prefer Mediabay. To each their own.