Media bay preview sound is OFF

Hi guys ,

I need some help to pre-listen my sound from mediabay.

Basically, i’m using my laptop sound card and all time im trying to pre-listen my samples/loops I need to to go through F4 (VST Connections) and change it on Studio tab. And then again to listen main output.
It became red and turn off my output connection or vice-versa.

I may changed some configuration and don’t know to put back propely “or” that can be a C5.5.2 bug. :confused:

screen 1 (ASIO Driver).JPG
screen 2 (VST Conn).JPG


This is not a bug, but you have configured the MediaBay wrong. Please have a look at the following knowledge base article



Obrigado Chris,

i will study the case.

as i notice my controlRoom is on all the time. I will try it tonight and let u know.

By the way,

what is the main purpose of the Control Room? I never record into cubase but wondering how can I use it.

A breafly explanation would be great…

cheers Chris