Media Bay Previewer Question

I’m in Cubase Artist 9/ Windows

When I select midi loops in Media Bay. the Previewer section plays a preview.

Is it possible to find which instruments Media Bay is using to do the preview? I know some of them are labelled (for example I know some of the drum loops have the same name as some drum kits in Groove Agent), but where are the others?



HALion Sonic SE, which is the default VSTi for Cubase, I would say.

Thanks, Martin. I thought it must be, but I still can’t see how to find which voice within Halion, other than by trial and error.


Actually even Groove Agent can be used. Once you load the MIDI Loop to the project, the Instrument/sound is loaded too. So you can see it.

Great! Thanks.

I was dragging the midi loop into an existing MIDI track, and it didn’t do this, but, as you say, if I drag the loop into a blank area then it actually creates an instrument track with the voice loaded (and, as you say, in GA or Halion).

Really useful, thanks again

Dear all
any idea why the previewer of Media Bay does not show media files (wav samples) of some folders? The previewer does not show any media files at all though the folders are full of them.

Does the MediaBay scan these folders?

Yes, the folders are checked. However, now it occurs to me that in filter section there could have been a wrong “Category”" selected automatically when I was working with it, and not “Drum&Perc” samples. Maybe Cubase automatically assigns/switches “Category” when browsing among folders… Not at Cubase curently, I´ll check it later.

so the filter was not the cause, I can’t still load the samples. It is a case of one big folder with many subfolders. Noted that Media Bay can load all the files within the main folder but not in separate subfolders!

edit: solved, rescan helped