Media Bay problem

Just upgraded to NU5. so far no problem EXCEPT

when I open the media bay, no checkboxes exist in the locations section. Its like NU5 doesnt see my hard drives. Am i missing some preference or check box?


There’s a little horizontal Nav bar at the bottom of the locations section… slide it to the left and see if they appear.

sounds like you need the “window” options screen to show up for the media bay.

The green tinted window that allows you to pick which window elements you want visible.

Its also a very cryptic icon thats practically hidden so in N5 when you can’t see a window, you have to look for a tiny unrelated icon to make a window options window pop up in order to select the window options you wanted visible in the first place.

Sorry to rant but this is some bad UI here. I love Nunedo, but not the way window prefs are “hidden” in this manner.

Hi All,

I am havin this same problem. All windows are active and I do not see any of my drives. My N4 works as advertised but N5 does not.

Drovin, try this if you will (i was asked to do this by tech support and it did not work Assuming you are on a windows platform they recommended I go to Start/programs/Steinberg Nuendo5/Nuendo Application Data Folder and delete any Mediabay.db files.

Let me know if that works for you

I am also not able to update to 5.1.1 I was able to update to 5.1.0 but the installer crashes when I try to update to 5.1.1

So “Define location” window doesn’t show up HDDs? Right?