Media Bay Problems Cubase 8 & 8.5 (SOLVED)

No matter what I do, media bay just doesn’t show me all my samples. It scans about 10 folders and then stops.
The “updating results” keeps going but none of the folders contents are coming up. I had this problem in Cubase 8 and updated to 8.5 but the same problem persists. If I click on one of the samples in the media bay, Cubase 8 goes into “not responding”.

None of the filters are activated and I have “only show Audio Files” active.

I’ve uninstalled all steinberg products but nothing changed. I reeeeaaally don’t wanna do a reinstall of the whole OS.

Am I stupid and missing something simple?

Turns out I was kind of stupid. I located the library where media bay always got stuck and it turned out to be corrupted, causing it to stop scanning even though the scanning was “running”. Would be great if it actually gave me some kind of error message or something instead of an endless loop of scanning.

Windows 10 x64
Steinberg UR824
Virus TI2 Desktop