Media bay queries

I started to try and record about 18 months ago but had to leave it and I am looking to start again.
I was new and pretty useless then and nothing has changed except perhaps I am not as scared of
computers as I was.

My computer had to go in for work after it went wrong during a download from Itunes a while ago
and I assume it came back ok.

The problem I have is that,if I understand this right,even though Media Bay,Sound Browser and Loop Browser
are said to be pre configured to relate only to certain aspects all three in my case have the same information
on the viewer.I also do not have any audio or MIDI Loops/Files on any of them which I am certain I had because
I played them in the scope section last time.

I had Trashed the preferences before and have done so again today and there is no difference.

I had Cubase 4 which I upgraded to Cubase essential 5,I have a Line 6 UX2 POD Farm Interface and POD Farm

So have I done something wrong,not done something I should have,am I just being thick ?

Any help would be appreciated

Mediabay is like the central database, the other Browsers can be set up to display specific catagories for ease of access. The filters at the top of each filter what will show. You use the Browser Pane to select the directory you wish to search. MB should be gone through making sure only DAW related folders are set to scan.

Thanks mashedmitten

I now understand the three browsers in the media bay but I have been through all the folders and cannot

find any audio or MIDI Loops/files so all I can assume is that the shop has somehow lost them.

Other than their usefulness will their omission cause any other problems,do you know?

Again thanks


In the 5.5.0 update, they made significant changes to the Media Bay.
There is an updated “manual” .pdf file that covers the Media Bay pretty well.
It is the “New features in Version 5.5.0” document about halfway down.

Hi Jaslan

Many thanks for taking the time to help me.

I am not at all with the computing aspect so I am probably missing something I should or could do.

I followed the link and reviewed the Media Bay section and have to say that the illustrations are

nothing like my screen.

I had Cubase Essential 4 and upgraded to Cubase essential 5( I do not know level of upgrade this is)

Do I,am I able to, do further downloads that will completely change the presentation of the screen??

If so are they on the link you provided for me ?

If I have mislead anybody due to my ignorance I am sorry.


I didn’t realize you were on Essential 5.
Try this link.