Media Bay question

Hi folks,

I’m just getting into using the Media Bay and i’m trying to figure something out.

Imagine this scenario:

I’ve got my kicks located in two places on my computer:


I now want to define a browse location that only shows the contents of these two folders.

So when i want to view all kicks in my sample library, i can see them in one list.

What is the correct workflow to achieve this?

So far i can only select one folder (plus any subfolders) as a location, not two (or more) folders located in different places.

Thanks! … J

Just to bump myself up…

I still can’t find any way to define multiple folders as a location, so i have a feeling the answer lies in manually tagging the samples with Metadata.

So i guess if (referring to the above example) i tag all the kicks in the Vengeance kick folder with “Vengeance kick”, then i have the option to filter on “kick” if i want ot see all Kicks samples in my whole library or “Vengeance kick” if i just want to limit the results to what’s in the Vengeance library.

Could anyone tell me what kind of tagging Media Bay uses? Is it a propriatary system that requires Media Bay to read tags, or (for example) BWF Metadata?

Or to put it another way, if i spend time tagging the files, will the tags stay in the WAV if i take the sample on a USB stick to another computer, or view the sample in Ableton which i presume also has a Media Bay type of sample viewer?