Media Bay Questions.

Im having some trouble getting my head around Media Bay. I’m a first time Cubase user as of about 3 weeks ago so I’m not very knowledgeable :blush: . I can’t figure out how to add more audio sounds to media bay? I have made a folder on C drive and added audio files into it but when i go to find these files in media bay search i cant even open up the folder too see any of the files? Do the files have to be in a specific format or anything? Also where abouts are all the files that come with Cubase and are in the media bay located?



Make sure the “file type” filter is not set to filter out the file type you are looking for. Also, make sure the directory where the files are located are set to be scanned by media bay. Also, Cubase already comes with a lot of samples, loops, presets, etc. I think about 8,000 already in the media bay after installation (For C5) if you have the limit of results to display set at 10,000 (I think this is what my system defaulted to) then you may not see all the results.

Thanks i got it working :slight_smile: . But whereabouts on my hard drive are all the Cubase samples found? Do I have access to them outside of cubase?

mediabay can access to all the part (disk/folder…) of your computer !