Media Bay questions

Hi all

Very impressed with Cubase 8 Pro so far. The only issues I seem to have involve the media bay, both the one as part of the ‘rack’ and the full ‘undocked’ version.

In the rack when instantiated on the right hand side of the main window, I cant get the browser to allow me to designate a specific location on my Mac hard drive. The locations seem to be pre-defined ie vst sound, documents etc. I have a samples folder and want to be able to access that directly as a drop down option. Any ideas?

Equally, audio files and REX files still don’t audition at the same tempo as the project. I’ve had this issue in all iterations of mediabay regardless of the settings I choose. Is this just an ongoing issue or can anyone suggest a solution?

Finally, when auditioning a midi file as part of the vst collection, there is a button to make that midi file preview play following the content of the chord track. When this button is clocked the audition process fails to work altogether. I’m on OSX Yosemite. can anybody else confirm this?

Other than these small issues I’m very impressed. CPU is vastly reduced, the chord pads and circle of filths are a brilliant addition, and VCA faders have been a long time coming.


I can’t help you, but I would like to have the docked mediabay improved, i would like the docked version to have the same options as the f5 one. Which means :

  • to have the “define location” column to be displayed
  • to have access to the set up window layout menu (shift+ f2)

Because I only use the define location column, the search function and the previewer.