media bay ratings migration

Dear forum,

I’m using cubase 9 pro.

In the media bay, I have been using the rating field to rate factory presets, instruments and samples according to my own liking. However, as I’m often switching between two computers (laptop and pc), I would like to migrate the adjusted media bay ratings to the other computer.

As we’re talking here about the factory presets cubase ships with, this wouldn’t work with the volume database option.

Is there any folder in the cubase installation which I can copy to the other computer, so that my ratings are copied to the other instance of cubase? The two instances on both machines are exactly the same, in the sense that they have both the same plugins installed.

best, Rinke

The mediabay uses a mysql database, whose file is located in the prefs folder. I’ve never done it, but copying this file to the destination PC could work.

%appdata%\Steinberg\Cubase 10_64\mediabay3.db

Thanks, Steve,

Yes, that did the trick!!

Some more info, if anyone else wants to do this:
There are 2 mediabay3.db files, one under [username]\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\Cubase*, and one under …Steinberg\HalionSonicSE_64.

And of course, as with windows, for every user there is a separate location with these files, so that each user can make his own ratings.

best, Rinke