Media Bay: Right-Click > "Search For.. > [Path] does not return any results

Media Bay: Right-Click > "Search For… > [Path] does not return any results for Non-Factory content and any content that does not have a “Vstsound:\” path prefix.

Windows 10 Pro
Cubase Pro: 10.5 and 11.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Open Cubase, no need to load a project
  2. Open the Media Bay and filter for “All media types.”
  3. Select a non-factory folder from the navigation tree. Preferably something with .Wav files.
  4. Right-Click on any .wav file, choose “Search For…” > [PATH]
    —no results displayed

  5. remove the drive letter and “:” then switch the search modifier from “equals” to “contains”


I can reproduce and confirm this bug on my system too.