media bay scanning at every single launch


Long time Cubase user here. (since VST5)

New user of 7.5.3.

The issue is this:

Media Bay custon locations are fully and successfully scanned, inlcuding the ‘VST Sound user content’ and ‘VST3 preset folders’.

The really frustrating thing is every time I relaunch Cubase it fully re-scans these locations again! it’s clear to see all the folders being freshly scanned. I have deleted entire preferences folder (backed up of course) but this makes no difference.

Note: Media bay is only re-scanning ‘VST Sound user content’ and ‘VST3 preset folders’ each time. All other locations stay blue and true!

It was fine in C6.07


it’s driving me nuts.

Have you tried the preferences in Mediabay. There is one option there to try it is called “Scan Folders Only When Media Bay is Open”. Try that see if it helps any.

I have exactly the same problem till Cubase 7 first version and on 5 different computer…don’t know why…if someone from Steinberg can help…
and the option in preference don’t help (me so far)

thanks for that, I am not alone then!

Sent a support ticket and will see what tech support have to say.

It has nothing to do with “Scan Folders Only When Media Bay is Open” but thanks Beerbong for the suggestion.

Anyone else with this issue, please add it in.

Not happening here, but if you have set a path in mediabay to point at your recording folder, it off cause would scan the new audio files.

This has nothing to do with it, this is something completely different. As stated in my original post it is the re-scanning of locations:

‘VST Sound user content’ and ‘VST3 preset folders’ (and also Track presets)

Also, This is only visible to user if media bay is set to show the location tree. On launching Cubase (every time) the folders mentioned are re-scanned. (each sub folder goes from red to blue and contents are populated.

This should be clear to any one reading this post.

It could all be because these locations are set up for default scanning (meaning that On Cubase first launch after installation these locations are scanned). It maybr possible that there is a glitch in the code that it is not remembering that the locations have been scanned and then scans them again on next launch…and so on, and so on…

I have the excact same problem on OSX

Ok that is indeed strange and annoying. Any chance the are some long file names or path names somewhere that could corrupt the database ?

I had considered this also, but pretty confident that this is not the cause of the issue. I would have thought that any file name that Mediabay cold not handle would throw up an issue as soon as it tried to scan the file. It also, makes no difference if scan unknown file types is on or off.

So we have 2 PC users (including myself) and 1 Mac user reporting this issue so far. Steinberg might need to get the bug spray out…

for one or two users?
That hardly sounds like a bug but something else like corrupt file somewhere.

Yes I agree, it might well be a bit early to shout Bug:-), but this is just the users that have spoken up about this behaviour (done enough closed Beta testing for Audio developers to know that one or two users on different platforms showing a fault is enought to flag up a potential bug problem). All I know is, with the same files C6.07 does not exhibit this issue re-scanning.

If something is corrupt, then deleting preferences, removing VST3 folders etc, has not solved it so far. Oh well, until Steinberg support chime in, not going to spend any more time on it.

How long does the full scan take? How long does Cubase normally take to open as far as you know? (typically I’d think about 25 seconds max on my systems) If long enough to be annoying then I would first try reinstalling Cubase and investigating whether a corrupt VST might be the cause. As there are so few with the problem it is more likely to be a problem at the user’s end.
I think more information than what we see here will be needed from you to get to the bottom of this. For the support team, not us. All you can do here is collect and poll other users with the same problem.

Have you tried updating the eLicencer software, strange things happen when it’s out of whack.

This has nothing to do with scanning of VST!

Not for a while, but all the same…will do it for the sake of doing it, but I cannot see (and highly doubt) eLicencer software has any impact on anything to do with this.


No eLicenser problem just certainly a way of making folder/subfolder/naming/files names…I know steinberg & Cubase till the beginning (pro 24), I teach Cubase in france, and all the computer that I take care have this problem…I’ ve made a mistake but…

So Cubase 8 Pro has the same issue!

Cubase 6.07 does not.

All file names are O.K andthere are no corruptions!