MEDIA BAY search problems

Hello All

I cant seem to ‘find’ anything by typing in ‘search’ in media bay these days

I can browse and see all my files but if I have ‘all media’ showing, and search for example ‘kick’ nothing comes up in results!

I know I have many samples that have ‘kick’ in the name, and my folders that contain the loops are all scanned

does anyone know what’s wrong?

one of the things… the browse location in the media could have been set to a wrong subdirectory.

Also make sure you have it set to search nested folders. I dont remember where this button is on the top of my head, but hover over them and I’m sure you’ll find it. I remember turning this off by accident and it would no longer find anything. I ended up rescanning my entire mediabay multiple times before figuring out I had that button off, haha!

Thanks mate you were right on the money with that one, I must have clicked it to ‘off’ without noticing

Now nested folders is lit it finds everything

Thank You!