Media Bay / Sound Browser

Hi all, i have a question, which i do not know if this is possible or not, i am just wondering.
Lets say you create a Sound in Prologue or whatever, you also add some Insert FX on its
Instrument Channel (not MIDI Inserts) and then Save that as a Preset that you can later open
it thru Media Bay or Sound Browser. Now what i mean is, later on, when you find the Sound
in Media Bay and open, its own Instrument Channel to have the corresponding Insert FX saved
as you edit them in the first place. Basically you open the Sound thru Media Bay and the Insert
FX to already be assigned to that Instrument Channel…or some workaround.



You can’t use or edit or overwrite just part of the settings. The Teack Preset contains whole track settings. If you want to change just some part, you have to open the preset of this effect only.

I mean, if you already added any Insert effect, and you want to use Track Preset, this Insert effect will be overwritten by the settings of the Track Preset.

And you can’t choose something like “use 1st, 3rd, 4th Insert of the Track Preset only”.

Thank You Sir!