Media Bay Stuck Searching (Even When Left Overnight)

I’m new to Cubase… Hello all…

As the title says media bay spins endlessly, no results, even when left Cubase overnight.

I called support to initially resolve the issue with factory content, but as soon as I added my own content the issue came back and will not resolve. Now even the factory content is back to the same issue as before, endlessly searching, no results available regardless of filter or search, etc… Just an infinitely spinning Cubase Icon.

Drive speed isn’t an issue… This machine has a 3 Gig/sec NVMe. Even have a good 20+ percent of free drive space…

I’ve performed the steps done to resolve factory content, no luck. I’ve followed supports instructions to remove the preferences folder several times. I’ve even uninstalled and reinstalled Cubase. Even went so far as to reset folder permissions several times. Nothing has resolved this issue, just an endless search and no way to use the media bay or Cubase’s factory content. A rather disappointing first impression… :frowning:

I’m on Mac. 10.13.6, latest version of Cubase… Attached a couple screenshots…

Anyone else seeing Media Bay endlessly searching?

Delete the mediabay3.db file in the user preferences folder.

Thanks, I’ll try that. Unfortunately it worked for a few hours before tanking… Assuming I’m going to loose all of the tagging I did in that time. :frowning:

I believe the tags are appended to the files actually, and the database is then created by scanning the files. If you have a tool that can examine generic files you can see it yourself. The text editor PSPad is what I use.

I have indeed deleted the db file and did not lose anything. (though I admit I didn’t do an exhaustive study on the subject)

Seems to be working. Surprisingly I didn’t loose my favorited folders either. Will post back if things get weird, otherwise thanks. You solved this in one comment, support didn’t fix it in 2 phone calls :wink:

One other thing I haven’t been able to find the answer to… Is it possible to create your own custom tags in the Media Bay?
E.G. Create “Trailer” as a genre, etc…


Nevermind… For anyone looking for this in the furture:

If the thread doesn’t help search the manual for Attribute Inspector