Media Bay sync "just not feeling quite right" (not as tight as Ableton Live)

Hi all,

I just upgraded from 7.5 to 9, and in reviewing some of the new functionality stumbled on some media bay stuff that looked like it might help my workflow. When I was on 7.5 I would always have an instance of Ableton rewired to Cubase and use Live as my sample auditioning tool since it’s warping is so spot on.

So, I looked at Media bay and saw that I could so the same there. I thought it would help my workflow if I can just stay in Cubase.

However, it setting up the loop audition, with sync to project, it just does not feel nearly as solidly synced as Ableton Live with the same samples. HAs anyone else found this? I’m keen to seen whether it’s worth me persevering with Media bay, or if others experience the same lack of solid sync, I will just keep using Ableton for sample/loop auditioning

Hmmm, maybe it’s just me. I did have a play with the buffer settings and seemed to get a better sync. Am trialling it for a while - I’m really keen to try keep my production process all in one app (and use Live just for …um…Live)

Maybe you could record the output of both applications on a metronome or something to see if you’re onto something.

Yeah - I might try that. have spent the weekend using Cubase auditioning and am beginning to question my initial views.

It could be down to minor differences in the stretch algorithm.
Just of note, you when you actually put a loop into the project timeline you can try different algorithms by opening the audio pool (right click audio-> audio->find selected in pool, then you can select which algorithm to use. Very helpful for fine-tuning the exact vibe.

I have this issue all the time going as far back as 8 Pro. What I have found is that if I drag a clip over into the arrange area then the mediabay will get properly tight (I just delete the one I dragged over at that point.)

Doesn’t work 100% of the time but usually this fixes it. In my case it’s not just a little off though but pretty obvious (and yes the options to sync etc… are all checked.)

Make sure you don’t have any plugins loaded in your master out channel. Many times I thought something was wrong until I noticed I had some inserts on the master bus. Cubase doesn’t/can’t compensate for the latency on the master out.

That’s the first time I heard that. Can anyone confirm?

Umm, you could always just try it out for yourself.

Don’t think it’s that, as once I import into the arrangement it’s fine, and I generally keep drum loops on the default anyhow and only play with more tonal sounds using the other algotithms. There seems to be no way to determine which algoritm the audition uses, or to change it - anyone know how?

Thanks for the tip, but that kinda kills the spontaneity of auditioning loops in the mediabay if you have to pick up each one and drag over the arrange area.

Interesting - will look into that. I have 4 inserts on the master, but they’re all disabled while I’m in producing more. Will have a play though.

How do you verify that?

I often get this too. Cubase just not warping properly in the media bay but being fine once I import the sound into the session.
Also, quite often when scrolling down through sounds it will miss sounds out and I then need to scroll back for it to play them.

Hi sorry I should have been clearer but what I meant is you just need to do it one time and then it’s fine for the rest of the session.


Hi sorry I should have been clearer but what I meant is you just need to do it one time and then it’s fine for the rest of the session.

Ah - that’s not too bad, and I think what I have noticed too. When I first stated checking out the loop audition function it felt really out, not major like it wasn’t syncing, just not tight. But I persevered and started using it in the project I was working on and by the end of the session was wondering what I had been experiencing before because it felt better (I would have pulled a few wav files into the arrangement by then)…weird?

Thanks for the tip though

Btw with 9.5 so far it seems to be in sync right away, will need to give it more time though.

interesting - I had just decided not to upgrade right now…will give it a go now you mention that. Ta

Spoke too soon, seems it came up again in 9.5. But dragging over fixed it still. Sorry.