media bay updating media bay for 6 days straight

I have a massive sample collection and since i upgraded to v6 from 5 my pc has been on and updating the mediabay for almost a week now.

the file structure in the media bay went through “red” in colour as it indexed, then they all turned “blue” to show they were indexed correctly then i closed cubase and “updating media” started and hasnt stopped.

any ideas?

Using the location tree on the left have you specified ONLY the folders you want media bay to scan?
By default it will scan everything on your system… it also seems to scan any new folders created regardless of whether they are specified or not which is a little annoying.

yeah i have specified the folders i want to be scanned, and removed all the unneccesary ones including folders on my sample drive which used to conflict with some of the updates to cubase 5 (rex files)

i keep checking the updating media bay box that has been scanning for way over a week now, and it shows apx 1h remaining sometimes while scanning 3556/3557 for instance then other times it shows 1056h remaining while scanning another anount of files.

my sample drive is quite massive, could this be an issue?

its really weird. i have uninstalled c6 and reinstalled it. same thing. on scanning the media bay it seems to freeze up on particular folders. some index fine while others are “blue” in colour and seem indexed fine, but when i click on the folder to display the samples inthat folder they dont come up. then i close cubase and updating media files starts.

i purchased cubase 6 over 2 weeks ago and still havent used it.

no one else is having this problem?

I had that problem with 5.5. It was one of the reasons i went back to 5.0. With me In 6.0 this does not happen thankfully.(but to others it apparently does) In 5.5 it happened every time i closed cubase. ( so brace yourself…) I let it run the first time ( took about 18 hrs in my case) And next times i just pressed abort and be done with it. I did not loose any data by aborting as far as i can tell. But it’s a drag. Good luck!

That’s a strange one ok… i have about the best part of a terabyte of sample library with BFD2, HSO, HS etc… which i guess is not as much as some but more than a lot or people have and have not had this issue… do you have antivirus running on your machine? if so it may be an idea to disable whilst media bay scans as your machine will be scanning everything twice if you do have AV running.


To help determine what’s causing the big slow down you might try unchecking some of your heavy hitters in the ‘defined locations’. Skinny it down to the bare essnetials and let it (Media Bay) finsh the process. Then, add in other folders one at at time until your whole (impressive!) collection has been on-boarded.

I also think that the previous poster has a really good point (re: anti-virus or some other systemic issue). I shouldn’t think it would take any longer to scan a location than it did to install those samples in the first place right? And I"m guessing that if you went out today and bought a new machine and new versions of “all of the above”… you could install it in less than six days?

(you see where I’m going with this)

We’ll do a little digging on this end and see if I can come up with anything. Please let us know where you come out!



thanks for the replies. I tried this, and went in later an individually checked the boxes. now they are all “blue” but still not indexed. When i click on the (apx)top half of the folder list the files show up in the main media window as they are supposed to, but when i click on (apx) the bottom half the files do not show up.

And even know when i close c6 sometimes it still comes up with the updating media files on close.

Also it takes cubase to open from a restart over 10 minutes to load and i dont have any third party vsts installed yet. it gets stuck on “initializing content” as its loading, task manager shows it as not responding but then i leave it and it eventually opens. c5 opens in under 1 minute after a restart and i have heaps of massive third party vsts installed too.

STEINBERG any help?

One last thought springs to mind… have you checked to see that none of the folders you are scanning are on hard drives which are also on the same channel as your optical drive/s… if two devices of different speeds share the same channel then the channel will default to the speed of the slowest device. happened to me a while back with my main audio drive… half an hour of head scratching later… lol i would check all your drives in BIOS to make sure you’re not sharing any IDE/SATA etc channels.

Ok, so i delteted every REX, REX2 file off my sample drive and now they all seem to be indexed and working, but when i choose a sample folder within media bay, it takes a long time (apx 20secs) to load the files in that folder? also it is doing this for presets for the cubase vsts. some presets will be in the preset box when i click it, then it will do the animating logo (scanning the files) and again after about 10-15 seconds then the rest of the presets show up?

any ideas?

scratch my last post in regards to media bay. its still doing the same poop! wont load the samples and updating media files when i close it.