Media Bay user folders?

I design my own sounds. In many cases, like with BackBone, Groove Agent, Halion, PadShop, my own presets are drowned in factory presets. Of course I can set flags etc. But I would just want to move all factory content to a folder (“factory”) and have only my own presets visible.
For this I haven’t found any method. Could somebody give me a hint how to achieve this? Thank you.

You can create a custom save folder from any Save Preset window.
Then in Load Preset click Set up Window Layout button and activate Filters and Location Tree.
In Location Tree you can then select yur custom folder and see just your own presets…\

Will take some work to set this up for all plugins, but saves lots of time afterwards…

Thank you, I know and have done this. But what I’m looking for is to move all factory presets into a folder and just having my own presets a priority. Not having to select anything to see my own presets and avoiding unnecessary clicks.

I usually put something in front of the preset name and look for that

my topic headline was a bit misleading …

Exactly what I do for many years - then type this into the search field -> this all to cumbersome if you do this hundreds of times a day.
I mean, it is surely not rocket science to give the user a bit more flexibility for organizing presets.
The more I do in Media Bay, the more it is becoming a problem.
I had hopes I could have missed a function or workaround.

Can you not just select only show ‘user’ presets in media bay so only your presets show up ?

I hear you, I can offer one more workaround, you can have a custom atribute, I have created one labeled “use” with yes or no options, and I placed it first in the attributes box (I rather use loopbrowser than mediabay because it lets me have 7 attributes boxes).

So when I look for something the first thing I do is to click the yes option.

But yes, I think you should be able to pick the user category and only be shown your stuff

Thank you, Pablo1980, that could work for me too. But I found something out while experimenting further with the MediaBay. I used the (brilliant) MultiTap Delay and created a user folder and moved my own presets to it. This didn’t anything to my surprise at first, but I had to unload, reload the plug in and my folder was visible at the top and quickly accessible. Exactly this I tried over the years and never worked as it seems. The confusing part is the necessity to reload the plug in. (actually I did this in Nuendo 10.3, but posted the question in the Cubase forum to get more possible answers - I have Cubase 10.5 too)
Of course, I have to check this with many other plug ins if this is a permanent solution.
Sometimes user friendliness can be improved by little hints like: “reload plug in to see your new folder entries” or alike.

I’ve done a bit of poking around, and it seems to me that there are a couple of moving parts to what Media Bay shows you. There are the .vstpreset files, but that’s only part of the story. All of the attributes, etc., i.e. the “searchable” aspect of Media Bay, comes from data stored in a SqlLite database file.

Additionally, Groove Agent and Halion each use their own db file (although it seems to be the same database structure) , which is why things doni’t always sync up between them and Media Bay.

In the Media table, there’s a column named Url that contains info in the form of "vstsound://[key]/[folders]. I don’t understand how the url is invoked to locate and interact with the vstpreset file.

So, simply moving the factory files wouldn’t be enough, and in fact would probably break the connection making them unusable. You can download a free SqlLite browser to look at the data (it’s the mediabay3.db file in the Cubase version folder in App Data), but caveat emptor if you try to alter what’s in the database. Very high likelihood of screwing up your system if you do.

I’m sure just rescanning the location in Media Bay where your presets reside would do the trick.

I thought the same, but unfortunately that doesn’t work alone. The folder is then visible in the Media Bay but NOT in the open plug in.
Media Bay, no matter how useful it is, needs some UI improvements.
I didn’t found a way to make new folders in the open media bay and have to make a new folder in the plug in save dialog. Maybe it is me, but other ways to do it are not obvious.