Media Bay: very slow

Hi guys,

I feel like Media Bay is VERY slow, even with the new file browser, it takes a long time to find anything. I have fast drivers, by the way. Anybody has suffered this so far?



I don’t think it’s super slow but it’s slower than it was before. Plus some of the folders aren’t sorted correctly (not alphabetically, just chaotic).

weird, I find it to be a bit faster… and I have plenty of stuffs in here… in 9.0, it was so long for MB to show the list, but also the tabs… it was horrible to wait for 1mn to have access to my presets (by cat., genres, etc)

Now with the 9.5, I find myself waiting for 10-15s for MB to show me the tabs and the list.

Win10, old-school harddrives, lol