Media Bay: View Soundminer Metadata?

Is there anyway to view wave file metadata in media bay?

I am confused as to what you want to actually do??

Are you asking can mediabay read Soundminers Metadata?
or are you asking can you read “any” Metadata in Mediabay?

I really am unsure as to which “BEXT” fields and extention chunks are used by Soundminer & which are used only by Mediabay ? this is the 1$ question! I may hazard a guess and say MB uses a smaller subset of fields, whereas S/M is ustilising many more data fields ,inc a format of XML if im correct ( I have never used S/M so its a uneducated guess)

Mediabay does indeed read/write Metadata fields (as you know) but as to what fields etc are discretionary & which are program dependent/ standard ? definately time for a Dev to chime in here I think!.cos I’d really like to know too. :smiley: mainly because Id like to write my own Music Genre definitions and more!

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